Things are moving along with our Big move.  If you have been following along you know we have been moving our game servers in this phase .

Our servers have been moved and are operational. We are fine tuning them but this will not effect our visitors. Thank you for your patience.

With the effort of Itchy we have also created a NEW Logo . I can not thank you enough for your work Itchy. Well Done!!

The work is near done folks. Time to move !!!

More Upgrades

TSO Servers.

Our Servers are about to go threw some changes. We have been doing some upgrages lately (as if you didn’t notice) Our websites have been moved and are being overhauled. Our Teamspeak has been moved and is ready to go!! But now we turn our attention to our gaming servers. As we move our servers we will be mindful of our users and do our work when the fewest people are affected. Unfortunately some people will be affected. Please check here for information about our upgrades.